We secure Apartment, Office buildings, Condos, Warehouses, Construction Sites, Parking lots, Parks, Churches and special events.


We provide trained licensed unarmed security officers to safeguard your property.    


We’ve earned our client’s trust and have grown to a full-service security firm ...


We have been licensed since 2012 to provide D-License training classes. 


We provide licensed security for residential, commercial, and industrial sites.


We work hard to provide affordable solutions to meet our client’s needs.   


We ensure facilities and assets are secured with the latest security technology.
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We secure Apartment, Office buildings, Condos, Warehouses, Construction Sites, Parking lots, Parks, Churches and special events.

We also have rovering supervisors in patrol cars and bicycle patrol and we have over 30 years of Law enforcement and Security experience.

Unarmed Security Officers

Viking Defense, Inc. provides trained licensed unarmed Security Officers to safeguard your property with a professional presence to deter unlawful or undesired visitors on your property. All of our officers are trained in access control, customer service, tenant relations, first aid, CPR and AED which is a program designed to give you the confidence to respond in an emergency situation with skills that can save a life. All of our officers consist of individuals dedicated to meeting your security needs.  Our commitment to safeguarding your property is our main concern.

We provide site security for:

  • Residential Sites: Condo's, Apartments, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hotels
  • Commercial Sites: Office buildings
  • Industrial sites: Construction Site, Freight Yards, Warehouses, Factories
  • Special Events: Private Parties, Charitable Events, Entertainment.

D-security License Training Classes

Do you need a Security D-License? Viking Defense, Inc. provides Top Notch security training courses to obtain your D-License. Allow us the opportunity to let our highly experienced Instructors train you the skills and knowledge needed to be a professional security officer while saving you time and money.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

  • A class “D" Security Application from the Division Of Licensing
  • A Fingerprint Card
  • A Certificate Of Completion

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Viking Defense, Inc. wants you to be confident your facilities and assets are secure when you're not there. We utilize the latest technology to provide the best management of our security officers and increase productivity that is completely customized to our clients needs. We provide our clients with a self-service portal enabling them to access their account online when and where they need it, to help increase productivity, enhance compliance and monitor their security program. In this technology-driven world, Viking Defense, Inc. strives to provide the best security solution by including technology that plays an instrumental role in the monitoring, communication, and patrolling of our client’s properties.

We provide:

  • GPS tracking
  • Guard tour management
  • Incident Management
  • Tour verification/compliance
  • Access control
  • Situation awareness
  • Mass notification
  • Visitor management